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Gay Homos

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Scary Food Item


I doubt anyone remembers me mentioning it, but I sit with a very interesting group at lunch. I would prefer to be somewhere else when I'm with them, but that's beside the point. My point is, they like to pick on the same kid every day because they think he's gay. Obviously this is a problem. One day, about three of them were trying (Emphasis on trying) to make up a song about the "Gay" person to the tune of "I Want It That Way." Maybe I could have given them points for being clever, but the only thing they could seem to rhyme was "Gay" and "Ebay" (believe me, you can't make stuff like this up.) And then there was the shouting. You see the "Gay" person (let's call him Fred) used to be best friends with this other guy (We'll call him Bob). Something obviously happened between Bob and Fred over the summer. I can tell this because of the shouting match that took place between them a few weeks ago.



Then there was an awkward very melodramatic pause.

It would all be very funny if it didn't cause so much hate.

I got the title from the fact that one kid calls Fred a "Gay homo." I thought about it for a while, and my super powered brain came to the conclusion that most gays are in fact homos.


And that's what happened while I was gone.

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It depends what you mean by homo, homo could mean lots of different things other than homosexual.Edit- And gay could mean happy. :D

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Yes, did you know that you are homotrophic? ALL OF THE HUMAN RACE IS HOMOTROPHIC. IT'S WHAT SEPARATES MAN FROM THE PLANTS AND BACTERIA. Yeah, what bigots. It's a shame you have to sit with them. :D

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