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Broken Ankles  

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  1. 1. Which do you think is "better"?

    • Hairline fracture in ankle growth plate from sledding off ramp
    • Solid break in ankle from jumping on trampoline

An argument my brother keeps trying to bring up. He says because he broke his ankle, not a hairline fracture like mine, that his is more 'manly'. Um...you broke it jumping on a trampoline, just jumping. I'd much rather take a hairline fracture from a poorly planned take-off via sled ramp than an oh-so-dangerous trampoline bounce.

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That's why I said it's one my brother brings up. Just like how he always claims to do thing first, and steals my arguments because he's incapable of making his own. Then when I tell him he's stealing my arguments and always claims to do thing first, he steals that argument, too.It's not really anything I'd expect anyone here to understand as they don't really know me, after all, not many people in real life really know me.

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That's nothing. I ate a bowl of nails for breakfast this morning. Without any milk. ;)

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