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Got quite a few games for Christmas:

Left 4 Dead

Gears of War 2


Mass Effect

Call of Duty 4

Battlefield: Bad Company


I beat the first two already, co-op with my brother and I'm working on Bioshock. My brother and I took a stab at trying to hook up the xbox wireless doo-dad to the 360 but it wasn't working, guess they're specific to the model. :yay: My mom bought the year's worth of Live and I don't want to have to hook it up to the router in my sister's room, so I'll have to drop the $30 (if my brother pays for the other half) on a new receiver. Hopefully that all will happen tomorrow and I can try Live.

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What games do you have? Just Halo and CoD? I've also got Halo 3 and Army of 2 from a while ago.

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Gotcha. Theoretically, I could use my computer as a receiver instead of buying one? My brother mentioned bridging connections, which I can do. Found the ethernet connection and bridged it, unfortunately I have to delete it if I want to use the internet myself on the laptop. My brother won't let me on my 360 because he's playing Mass Effect. Fortunately, he's texting more than playing. :)Dun work. Have to wait till tomorrow to get a receiver.

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Mass Effect :P
My brother just spent 8 and a half hours on it and wouldn't let me play my own console. I'm afraid I'm now biased against it.Everyone. I just spent $100+ on an adapter. Plugged it in and it's working now. Had a little problem and I am wondering whether I really needed to spend any money at all. When you're looking through connections, there's "Test Media" and "Test XBox Live" - I'd hit the first option figuring it meant media as in the device you're using to connect. Revelation. Media. Sending music/videos to xbox. Oh hell.

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