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I've Been Playing A Bit Again

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And so, after a pretty long time of relative inactiveness, a progress report.


In a way it is hard getting back to this game. A lot has changed and the initial response was: Stick with what you know. Thus a few levels that were pretty close to the next were first in line to be tackled. Fletching first:




Then mining was the order of the day:




Finishing the Christmas quest once again gave me access to ToG which resulted in Summoning upping a level:




Slayer has been a favorite and when I started playing with a bit more time on my hands that was the obvious choice. That said, returning to this game after a period of 'rest', made me aware of the many changes. Playing in HD needs some getting used to: A larger screen, a lot more detail, and I needed to 'learn' how to take a screen-shot that stood out. I have this tendency to make a picture 'look good' (at least; my idea of looking good). ^_^


One of the other reasons for tackling slayer are those elusive charms needed to level summoning. I think I am getting to grips with it (at a very basic level that is). One of the assignments I got were Terror Dogs. Now, I had no idea what-so-ever where to find them. It turns out they are in Tarn's Lair. That got me an unsuspected 5k slayer xp: I didn't finish that mini-quest when it came out. Safe to say I got scared out of my wits with that monsterous being rising up. Luckily just a level 69 and easily dispatched to the next world. Not so with the Terror Dogs... Multi Combat, level 100 and 110, and not prepared at all. Thus I bugged out, stocked up on various goodies and returned. My first experience with a familiar: A Bloated Leach that did some fighting for me. Its funny to say the least. I really should get the hang of it. It seems that I now need to set my sights on level 70 Summoning and get that Bunyip as a companion.


Oh one more thing, I am playing on a new computer now. That surely messed things up for a bit. ScreenPrint32 doesn't run on a Vista machine. I had to find another capture program that functioned in roughly the same manner: Snagit 9.2 works pretty good, it even has a built in editor (I only need to get the hang of making pictures transparent in it ^_^


Right, picture of 95 Slayer in HD.



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Welcome back Simple. :o Do you plan on continuing or is this one of those holiday things? :o

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Hai P. :)I'm sure you can do 99 slayer eventually, and you know it too. Just take your time and "enjoy" the trip there.

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