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Heyyy You Guys!

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Quick find code: 28-29-912-581996

Mr Game and Watch kindly posted a thread, so keep it active! Hopefully enough support will convince Jagex this should be fixed and realize how many bug reports there are regarding this issue. Feel free to post more suggestions on how to fix this!


First entry:

I'm trying to get Jagex to fix such a simple 'glitch' in clan chat that they've had in there, presumably, since they've introduced clan chats. This glitch allows other chat users to be mistakenly kicked (accidentally) if certain circumstances are met when kicking. Basically, when a CCmod right-clicks on a target user, the target leaves, the CCmod clicks 'Kick', and then the user that was below the CCmod's target will be kicked instead. This is such a poor way of designing the Kicking feature of clan chats. The next paragraph explains what I think's happening and what should be done to fix it.


Each line of text (each player's name) has an index number denoting the line they sit on. When you right click on someone, it takes the index of the line you clicked on, not the player's name. This is why when someone leaves (such as a jump-spammer), an innocent gets kicked. The innocent 'becomes' the spammer to the kicking code because they take on the spammer's index (they move up, uc?). Instead of just kicking on a stored index number (stored at the time of right-clicking), add a safety-net that also stores the user's name that you initially right-clicked and makes sure that's still the person you're trying to kick. Simply stated, use the name and not *solely* the index


There are easy, simple alternatives to fix this besides what I had mentioned - make a timer that prevents users from leaving or logging if they had spoken recently in the chat, much like the combat timer (you could even use the same timer). This would allow some time for the CCmod to kick if need be before the offending user left and prevent any accidental kicks.

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Vogrin, I edited it per your request on rs while i was on for the past half hour. :PI hope it's up to your standards!

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