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Toilet Troubles

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I'll admit, my community college has an extraordinarily nice campus compared to others. They have a bunch of weird, but interesting sculptures lying around campus and a state-of-the-art library that looks like it was taken out of some high class architectural magazine. I'll even go as far as say that it looks completely out of place; the other buildings on campus look like pieces of turd in comparison.


It's nice that they spent money on the aesthetics and all, but I'd rather have them spend it on the essentials... like the restrooms for example. Some buildings only have one dinky bathroom that clearly cannot support the number of students in need of emptying their bowels. And every time I enter one, there always seems to be something broken--sinks, a urinal or two, clogged up toilets, etc. The maintenance isn't so great either. A restroom in the Physics building regularly has feces sprayed on the floor. Said restroom is also lacking a door on one of their stalls. Apparently some dude stole it. In its place, they have a green (a very old and bland looking green) shower curtain. Anyone can barge in whenever they feel like it because there is no way that they can see you. Is that unnerving or what? Especially, say, when you're constipated and require some backbreaking labor in gettin' it out. Now don't tell me that none of you have ever had the displeasure of experiencing this. You'd be lyin'.


I know the college isn't getting much money nowadays with the budget cuts and all, but public facilities should definitely be somewhere at the top of their spending list. I mean, honestly, it'd all give us some much needed relief (no pun intended).

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Be a man like me and hold it in. :(
That's a no-no! You don't want habitual constipation, do ya? :o

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