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- Quick Money Making

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-FOR: All Runescape players (members and freeplayers)




-REWARDS: 15k per inventory (each inventory takes about 10-15 minutes)



  1. Go to the Saradomin Monastery just west of Edgville
  2. Go to the upper level of the monastery (if you haven't been there before, you need to talk to the abbot)
  3. Enter the room with the beds and a table (the one right next to the Kharid Scorpion's favorite place to hangout)
  4. On the table, there are Monk's Robes - take them
  5. Keep on taking them (they re-appear around every 30 seconds) until you have a full inventory
  6. Sell them on the Grand Exchange - and ENJOY THE CASH!


  1. For more money, you can keep on repeating the process - every tim you have a full inventory, bank it at the Edgville bank
  2. It is best to do this process on a world with as few players as possible - other people do this and it is best if you dont have any competition. If there is somebody else already there when you arrive, simply switch worlds until you find an empty one

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