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Life's had its ups and downs lately, and unfortunately, right now I'm sort of stressed out on just about everything. The papers and midterms aside, I learned tonight that somehow my pending financial aid just upped and disappeared. I applied for it over two months ago and everything seemed OK then, but I have no clue what happened to it. So hopefully everything will be sorted out within the next couple of days... Or else I'm screwed kthxbai. And I can't get into the classes I need yet again, but I can't say I'm particularly surprised on this front. I knew I had zero chance of getting into Physiology, but man, it's just so depressing to see that you're like #30 something on the waiting list. I have back-ups and all, but I NEED this class. The other one I want isn't so bad--I'm #7 on the waiting list so I think I can get a spot. fdkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj My brain is going to implode.


Well, on the bright side, I'm 19 now! I almost forgot about it since I was so busy with other things. Didn't do anything grand because I didn't have the time, but just gorging myself on an endless stream of dishes was certainly good enough for me. Oh, and we explored the new promenade that they attached to the local mall. The stores had a bunch of freebies and sales, but there weren't a lot of choices to choose from since most of the stores only sell female clothing... I did see a shop offering free shirts that didn't look like total crap, but I opted out of getting one after seeing 32342434 people waiting in the queue line. And I don't exactly want to be bashed to death by a stampede of dangerous-looking freeloaders. D:


And I saw Star Trek. In IMAX. And it was GLORIOUS. And so was Chris Pine--who is officially now my property. :)

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