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Last Day!

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Today was the last day of school, one word, Awesome.

Most of the day we signed yearbooks and the rest of the day we watched this movie called The Outsiders which was based on a book the non advanced English class was reading. What was so great about the day was that you could do basically anything you want.

One group of teachers had a bunch of donuts and stuff in their room so me and my homeboy Daniel stole some donuts and messed up some pictures that people were taking.

Daniel also tried to have a Pants Cam like that guy did in some Gross Gore video (don't feel like finding the link) but it didn't work out.

My yearbook is now full of crap that people have been writing, now I have to read it all, well maybe after I play some Call Of Duty WaW.

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Outsiders = good

Outsiders movie = even better

(even if it is like 30 years old, lol)

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Yeah Everyone that read the book said that the book went a lot more in depth but I liked the movie.

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