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Scary Food Item


When you go into a neighborhood to preach the Gospel, never attempt to tear down a man’s house, so to speak, before you build him a better one; never, in fact, attack any one’s religion, wherever you go. Be willing to let every man enjoy his own religion. It is his right to do that. If he does not accept your testimony with regard to the Gospel of Christ, that is his affair, and not yours. Do not spend your time in pulling down other sects and parties. We haven’t time to do that. It is never right to do that.

-Wilford Woodruff


I wish more people were like that.

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If I had never seen that "Do You Smoke Cigarettes Topic," I would have no idea what you're talking about.


But I do. :D


If you're implying I was one of those people who said "SMOKING EVIL U BAD!" you're wrong. I said I don't smoke, and I don't plan to. Go ahead and smoke all you want. Smoke 10 packs a day, drink marijuana laced beer while having gay sex for all I care. I'm religious, I have my standards, but I'm not going to try and force them onto other people. I think smoking's a bad idea, but I think a lot of things are stupid that are also perfectly fine to have going on.


If you're not, ignore me.


Or maybe you're talking about my conversation with avatar. I was just patronizing him, I'm almost 100% sure he's a troll.


Or maybe I'm standing on my soapbox for no reason.


ramble ramble ramble

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