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Summer Vacation!

I am so glad it's finally here.

I haven't really been doing much over the past two days.

Yesterday I went to my friends birthday, she went to Dave and Busters and we totally pissed some people off.

One of my other friends, with all the tickets she got there redeemed them for a remote control "stunt granny".

It was the most entertaining thing That I have seen in a while.

Today I have just been playing some halo 3 and some Call of Duty Waw on XBOX Live.

Gonna go eat something right now, didn't eat breakfast and my mom is scolding me about it, "Patrick you need to eat something!"

Might just skip breakfast and have a frozen chicken pot pie, those things are great, pop them in the microwave for 5 minutes and let it cool for six and you have a personal sized chicken pot pie, freakin' amazing!

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