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It's All Easier Said Than Done, And It's Not Even Easy To Say.

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As the dying rabbit said to the dancing Mormon; "I'm home".

I recently survived the duration of the infamous "exam period" and university and with that complete I have now returned home, destined never to return to the dreaded city of Leeds (until thursday).

What with this being the one thing I've been looking forward to since the end of the semester's crooked face was narrowly visible on the big grey horizon, I feel a srange sensation of "Optimism" and "Excitement". These feelings have not found a home in me for some time and their presence is so strange it's almost worrying.

However, the sun is out and I have enough money for copious amounts of drinks, drugs and smokes. I also have friends who have cars and free time.

This means the probability of actual road trips and considerable sessions is through the f**king roof. I've always hated that roof. F**k you, roof.

Anyway, what with these propects of activities that make you intrinsically gleeful and disturbingly nostalgic, I am relatively upbeat, which is not to say that I'm upbeat, but to say that in relation to my usual self, I'm more cheerful than my grandma on christmas day after incalculable glasses of sparkling wine (and take it from me, that's plently f**king cheerful).

So you can take this is a warning, if you will. Do not be taken aback if I come at you with arms spread and an unfitting smile torn across my face. Just give me a big kiss and tell yourself not to think about how awful it is living on the fringes of emotions and moods, only ever driving past the sign post in the middle and never stopping to have a picnic there in Ol' "reasonable and well balanced" Lake.

Don't worry though, I still hate everything and everyone. I just do it with a smile on my face now. Regardless, I feel this summer is a calling for many wonderous endeavours to find their origins and grow like weird, deformed sunflowers that have grown too close to a power plant and, due to realistically unrealistic but fictionally functional radiation, have grown faces that resemble famous murderers.

Suffice to say that I am motivated to make things happen in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. Because it's so much harder to really try and start things, but when you do and you realise how easy it can be, you get plunged into a new world of surreal relationships and opportunities for extremely wonderful times.

I'm just dying to live.

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