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Cod: Waw, Among Other Stuff...

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Just bought map pack number 2 today for WaW. The first thing I did was checked out the new Nazi Zombies map and I have to say it was massive. Only got to wave 11 but I found out a lot about the map. I played sub-pen and Corrosion in the map-pack playlist and they were pretty good, haven't played the last one but I want to. That's pretty much all I have done today except for eating, which has been minimal, which reminds me that I am hungry. Thanks Sal's, now I am gaining weight because of you. Oh well It's the summer.

Daniel (or Fruityfed here on Sal's), DJ, and Max all came over my house yesterday after I saw them at the library by coincidence. We had fun playing Nazi Zombies and messing around on my computer (no, we were not looking at porn to post on runecake). Well that's all I have to say so I'll see you guys around on the forums.

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