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We Built This City, We Built This City On Drugs And Drugs.

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When I picked which University to study at, the choice was close enough to random, so it is a gooseberry in a field of loganberries that the city I picked just happened to be the land of kings.

This was undoubtedly affirmed by a wonderous experience yesterday. I had invited many friends down to stay over and paint the down beige.

However, we were not successful in getting a hold of some greenery beforehand, which was upsetting. Anyway, we went out on the thursday and just drank alcohol which meant we were all feeling rough yesterday. However, whilst buying apple juice (hangover destroyer) 2 young men asked us if we smoked weed and offered us a really wonderful deal which we accepted and spent all last night watching David Attenborough* shows and smoking our drugs.

Only in Leeds can such a wonderfully appropriate situation manifest itself so perfectly.


*Telling this story has reminded me that I recently declared David Attenborough my God. I suggest you all do the same.

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So then, David Attenborough is the one who creates the worm that bores through the eye of an African child, blinding them?

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Upon creation, the worm signed a contract saying it wouldn't do that, but those wormy worms wormed their way out of their legal responsibilities.

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