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My Review - Need Advice On It

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Forrest Jump


What do you think of my review style, opinions, ect.


Please note that this review is my opinion and my opinion alone. You may have a different opinion on this game, and thus may share it in the comments. Also note that I played the Xbox 360 version of the game and that the PS3 version is a step down in graphics for some odd reason. Without further disclaimer, enjoy.


I've never been on either side of the fence when it comes to the Ghostbusters franchise. The movies were good, but I wouldn't necessarily call them comedy gold. When I heard a game was being released I figured it was atleast worth a try.


The first thing you'll notice is the high amount of fan service the game offers. References from the movies are abundant; with things like the Old Gray (Librarian in first movie) and the firehouse itself. The Proton packs are also spot on. Some tender loving care obviously went into this not only for authenticity, but because it also serves as the games HUD. Once your off to bust is when things really take off.


The game pretty much plays out like a 3rd person shooter and a baby's first survival horror game. While you won't be legitimately scared or even shocked from a pop up ghost, but there is a feeling of being on your toes when your alone. One of my favorite things of this game is active storytelling. This is almost a standard now a days in these kinds of games, but I'm glad it wasn't overlooked. Basically the story advances while your in a mission with dialogue within the mission, as oppose to watching a cutscene go do a mission and then watch another cutscene. This aspect really makes it feel like it's the third movie.


While it might as well be the 3rd movie it is not without its flaws. About 2/3 of the way through Egon makes a discovery that sets things up to make you believe you still had a long way to go. Unfortunately this was kind of set up like a lie. The game ends pretty quickly, but it is still fairly epic. You won't be dissapointed at the end, but you will feel like it could've been a bit longer.


I do have to go on a small rant about the end of the game (Spoiler Free =D). There is a point where a driving mission is teased. Specifically Ray says "Hey maybe the rookie should drive [the ecto 1]" This of course is followed by a quick "Naa!" from all involved. In my opinion this is just cruel as the following 15 minutes is a confusing walk through a graveyard that might as well be a hedgemaze.


So Ghostbusters is a good game. Not great, but good. For anyone who has been a long time fan of the movies than I recommend you go buy it because you will cherish every moment. For everyone else I don't think that there is really enough content to justify a full price purchase. Unless you love collecting objects in game then hold off until it drops in price a bit. It also comes down to your tastes in replayability. If your the kind who watched the movies over and over or can simply do the same with a good game then buy it now, because there is enough fun to last 100 playthroughs.

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