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Breaking Down The Boundaries! Only To Discover They're The Wrong Boundaries And Having To Rebuild Them And Then Apologise To The Boundaries' Owners.

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As some of you may know (by which I mean to say "nobody knew this but I want to downplay the unpopularity of my life;") I write and produce music.

This music takes many forms but most recently it has been ambient electronic minimalism. If you're still reading after that admission then well done; I love you.

Anyway, I'll get to the point now before my poor punctuality culminates in the total breakdown of the relationship shared by the point and me.

I've made 10 songs and given myself the authority to put them together and call the deformed child an "album".

Because I luv muzik and am nt in it 4 da money (that is to say, if I asked for money, nobody would ever hear my music) I am distributing this album for free. Free.

So if you're interested I will send you a copy in whatever format you prefer (WAV, mp3, even physical CD if you live in the UK and are desperate).

Feel free to remember not to forget that my music is ambient and it is minimalist. I don't doubt people who'd like my music belong to a very exclusive minority.

That said, I can send you one song and if you dig it then I'll send you the whole damn thing. I'll even sign it and kiss it and send a photo of myself if you want.

I think I better stop now, this is already a lot longer than it should really be. Being concise is not what I like to practice doing in my spare time and that shows.


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Yeah, sounds cool. Send me a sample at [email protected], please. As for the format, my computer is really slow, so whatever one is smallest would be great, thanks.

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