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Excellent Posts For These Troubled Times 2: Thought-provoking Comments

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I would like to share with my delightful audience some posts that have sparked the higher-level-thinking areas of my brain! You are sure to wonder at the paradoxes, puzzles, and perpetual questions contained within! I hope you appreciate and marvel at them as much as I have!


Why the hell should you have the begin?

Biggest Mets Fan

im wondering

Foruming for $5000 dollars an hour

renaissance was a boring time

If you don't want them shown why do you even take them!


Excellent posters, we salute you once again!

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Recommended Comments

I am in a state of awe at the level of intellect of these posts.

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In the good ole' Navy days.

You'd only have one sheet of toilet paper.


You poke a hole through the toilet paper and clean your anus hole with your finger. Then you would use the toilet paper to wipe off that finger.


You could use the one sheet of toilet paper about two times, if you're conservative.

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