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Artist Spotlight

The Newspaper


Artist Spotlight by Fatalysm
For this issues review I decided to choose: "Nature" by CookTheChef


This is some photography done by CookTheChef, from my own personal opinion I love this photography. When I had first looked at this piece I really questioned what on earth was going on. This put me in exactly the right frame of mind. I started to ask questions like, why is that ace there? Does it have significance to it's surroundings. That was just the beginning, I started to look around the image attracted instantly to the heart in the middle of the card looking as if it was being cut.

The best part I thought of this image was that it is a reflective of nature. It's the sort of thing you might find if you did wander into your own back garden. Whilst I cannot critique wholly on things like illusion of depth and other various things here. I think it's easy to see it's beauty. The green and red colours really seem to work as a holding device for the card. Which I think is lovely.

When just taking my eyes away and looking back over the image I'm simply drawn to the corner area of the card. It's beautifully worked into a focal with a slight blur. The side this piece I feel let's itself down a little is when you actually come to look at it. It's fabulous, but does it have a deeper meaning. In a way the spark of curiosity is a great thing. But it's not so visually pleasing when you don't know why things are the way they are. Perhaps of course, there was no meaning behind it. It was simply nature as it goes.

  • Creativity: 4/5 - I'm surprised at how outstanding this piece can be just by having a card in nature itself!
  • Color: 3/5 - The colours are quite fabulous, I don't think there is enough but all those reds with the green onto the white hold the piece well!
  • Theme: 4/5 - The theme is nature, not something that can always be pulled off. At least it isn't another landscape!
  • The piece: 4/5 - I look at this piece in many different ways, and it's got a lot of merit. It's something I'd buy for sure.
  • Overall: 15/20 - Great for an overall score! A few things let you down, but knowing progression you will do well.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this months review.


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