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Let's say that you find something interesting on the web - what do you typically do? Bookmark it? Well, that's what I would do. But let's say that you find this bizzaro website that it's just so amazing and unique. Surely you'll want to dig out more websites of its kind, but how about if you have no clue as to where to go. What do you then? I would suggest using StumbleUpon, a tool that can help you find websites that match up to your specific interests. By using StumbleUpon, I found myself great sites about sports, games, and politics, all of which are my interests.


Good Things Should Never End


A very lucrative and innovative flash website that has tons and tons of games and activities to consume your time. I found myself on the site for roughly 30 minutes. But anyways, this is an ideal site for anyone who's just bored because you'll always find something to do here. This is a "never-ending" website that has many, many fun features.


Don't Click It


This is an experimental site that I came across that tests and conducts an experiment on whether or not users can resist the urge to click on their site while guiding the mouse. I know that I easily couldn't resist the urge, and my result only helped the research behind the experiment. So anyways, this is something neat that you should check out if you ever get the chance.




Here's the Facebook and Myspace for the gamers out there. On Playfire you can do many things ranging from being able to share your gamer IDs, organizing events, as well as joining specific groups such as a "Sal's PS3 group." This is a neat site that I recommend any gamer to check out if they ever want to "get social" with their secret gamer personality that they sometimes keep hidden in real life. You'll find Playfire useful even if you're any type of gamer, because you don't necessarily have to be a new gamer that has all the new technology and gadgets such as a PS3 or 360. Many people on the site have PS2s, Nintendos, and PCs. The community is great, and this is a great opportunity for any gamer out there.

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