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Cooking Vs Firemaking

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I'm getting a bit tired of RuneScape and if I don't play again, I want to know I accomplished something, so I want a 99.


Cooking, using lobsters, would cost me 6,054,788gp using today's prices. I'd buy raw and sell cooked.


Firemaking, using Maples, would cost me 3,820,446 using today's prices.


Cooking is easier, but Firemaking is cheaper. If I got cooking I'd need to make about 1.5m more.



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Once I hit 99 defence, I slowly faded out of runescape and I official quit about 3 - 4 months ago.


However, 99 defence was a goal I aimed for almost since I started runescape and everytime I quit runescape I ended up coming back. But now that I've finally finished it, I can say there is no more appeal to Runescape for me.


For this reason my suggestions is to take a month or two break and come back and finish a goal you've been aiming for since a long time or set one that you wish to achieve in the end.

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I agree. I hardly ever play during the summer and when I come back, Runescape is not as bad and I can get back into it. If all you want is something to say you accomplished, I would go with cooking. FM may be cheaper but I wouldn't really see it as that much of an accomplishment.

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