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Greater Compatibility

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Neo Avatars


Following a blog post a few weeks back, website styles on http://userstyles.org/ can now easily be used by those other than Stylish users. :D


This means that if you use any of the following, you can use the hawt below linked styles... Stylish, Greasemonkey, Chrome [info], Opera [info], IE7Pro :D


The hawt below linked styles


Runescape Website - Blue - make the Runescape website all nice and blue, based on the Runescape Blue skin on these forums

Runescape Forums - Wide - make the Runescape forums fill the width of your screen rather than being all squashed in the middle of it, with all that wasted space at the side

Sal's Realm of Runescape - Wide - like the above for the Runescape Forums, but makes the main Sal's Realm site fully fit the width of your browser rather than having to 'suffer' the design that has been optimised for 800x600

Lots of other things - have a browse and I'm sure there'll be something else that looks hawt to you :D



For pics... http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/blog...=1914&st=20 - Head from the oldest entries to the newest ones to see what various things look like. Some pics have sections that are slightly out-of-date (the RS homepage looks much nicer now as one example, more brown borders have been removed is another), but it should give a good overall idea. :D

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