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Interview - Blingking502

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The Newspaper


Blingking502 Interview by Finisterra


Are you the kind of person who is good at puzzles that apparently lead to nowhere? Well, Neo Avatars and Blingking502 must be, since they were the first persons to finish Cameron’s latest treasure trail. In this article, we will be interviewing Blingking502.


What does it feel to be the first person to get into that super-secret forum?


It's pretty good. I've always done the trails since the first and I'm usually in the first few to get in, but this time being the absolute first with Neo was awesome.


So why did you and Neo decide to work on this together?


Teams just kind of fell together on the other trails and I had worked with Neo a few times on the others. Plus, he was the only one on #Novus doing it.


How much time did you spend on this?


I had gotten a start on it, not much, before Neo got on, but together it was about 4 hours on and off-ish.


Did you ever get stuck on a clue for a long period of time (if so, how long)?


Haha, the one after you get into the first Secret Forum we went in the completely wrong direction, then finally realised the vertical text and got it, but Cam had screwed up, so the pass was off a bit, which we luckily found without too much hassle. Not sure how long it was.


I tried sending you a private message, your inbox was full. Approximately, how many PMs did you receive asking for the password?


I just deleted those, there were 5 or 6 people who had messaged me, 1 person a few times.


What do you think of the multiple-subforums idea?


Great idea on Cam's part so someone can't just give away the pass.


What was your favorite part of the trail?


Oh there's a little surprise at the end to get into the final forum in the form of an odd crossword that's full of Cam's awesome puns and thinking that Neo and I had a good time with.


Changing the topic, where did you find out about Sal’s?


Back in the first few weeks of playing I was stuck on Ernest the Chicken and a person told me to go to Sal's and use the guide there. I used the site all the time and then found the forum I've been kicking around here ever since, just a little less lately.


What do you like most about our community?


When I joined the community was a lot smaller, which was really nice. Everyone knew everyone else. I had join just a bit before the Christmas party, and that locked me in when I saw everyone coming together then.


Congratulations and thanks for your time! Would you like to give any advice on solving this kind of games to our readers?


Patience and a cool composure helps. Don't get frustrated when something doesn't work. Cam always works really logically and everything he says matters, don't over look anything.

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Haha, this finally go up. Fini interviewed me the day of the trail so this is from Feb.


I want another puzzle. :(

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