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Birdie And Me: A Friendship Saved

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Merch Gwyar


Any regular readers of my blog will know that one of my constant companions and best friends in Runescape is Birdie. He's a terrorbird, who lives in Summoning Land. We met back in May 2008, when the resulting blog, Adagio for Wings, had half of Sal's in tears, until Joshua Mack stepped in to inform us that Birdie wasn't really dead. Phew! It turns out that Birdie just goes back to Summoning Land after 36 minutes. But he comes back. This turned out to be a true story and Birdie and I have had many adventures since.


However, I've been training Summoning and reached level 68 on Saturday. Between war tortoises and bunyips, I was being told that Birdie might not be the best companion for my forays into frightening places anymore. In short, I've outgrown his usefulness. :D This naturally concerned me, as I'm loyal to my friends! How can I even think about not going out with Birdie again? :tongue:


Enter Joshua Mack again. Josh pointed out that I could do a spell to help Birdie transform into a war tortoise, so it would still be Birdie. He would just look like a tortoise. I'd never heard of this before, but I'm only level 82 mage. Josh sighed and offered his services. He's got 99 Magic and habitually wanders around in a mage skillcape. I leapt at the chance!


Josh took us from Edgeville Bank to the monastry, as we needed to be on holy land. He had arranged to have some ritualistic clothes laid out upstairs, so we picked them up and donned them. Then it was up to the altar to start the ceremony. Me and Birdie stood there, then Josh did some magic. Stars sprinkled down over us and suddenly there was the empty vessel war tortoise, which would be possessed by Birdie. It was all very impressive to watch a high level mage at work.




As I'm a follower of Guthix (and so is my bird), Josh read aloud from a Guthix prayerbook. As the ritual went on, he signalled for me to dismiss Birdie. It was a fraught moment, but Josh said more spells, then traded me. There was a war tortoise pouch there! :P It was imbibed with the spirit of Birdie, in a kind of mage and summoning crossover spell! He did warn me that Birdie would be very tired from the ceremony, so I wasn't to summon him for at least eight hours. I was fine with that, as it was 10 past 1 in the morning, so there wouldn't be any more adventures that night anyway. Josh then pointed out that we were at a Saradomin altar, so he read aloud from his Zamorak prayerbook, in order to have the requisite balance for a Guthix spell.


Then it was over. I thought he'd gone too far, as he briefly transformed himself into a person named Demogague. I was blinking away, worried about this, but it turned out to be another player having run in to pray. Josh stopped possessing the poor girl, by stepping off the square. After she'd gone, we did some final blessings and it was all good. From now on, whenever I summon the war tortoise, it will really be Birdie. :P There will be some side-effects though. Josh warned that Birdie won't be used to the shape and therefore might not be so good at helping me keep up my energy. However, he'll hold more and have greater defence capabilities. This only pertains to the magically charged war tortoises pouches. If I summon from a terrorbird pouch, Birdie will be in his usual shape and bouncing around like a hyperactive, big, blue bird, as usual. How impressive is that?!



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Is Birdie still called Birdie :o Maybe it could be Shelly?


As I understand it, he's still Birdie. He just looks like a tortoise when I summon him from the war tortoise pouch.

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Shelley is a good name... Here is why:


Hail to thee, blithe Spirit!

Bird thou never wert,

That from Heaven, or near it,

Pourest thy full heart

In profuse strains of unpremeditated art.


Higher still and higher

From the earth thou springes,

Like a cloud of fire;

The blue deep thou wingest,

And singing still dost soar, and soaring ever singest.





other verses in between





Teach me half the gladness

That thy brain must know;

Such harmonious madness

From my lips would flow,

The world should listen then, as I am listening now.

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merch i would just like to inform you that im in tears with laughter in real life. I love your blog =) never leave again <3

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Easl - Indeed it was!


Massecure360 - I'm thrilled to bits. :yay:


Simple - OMG! Yes! Luring me with the Romantics... Did I ever tell you that my 21st birthday present off my parents was a posh, bound edition of the poems of Byron, Keats and Shelley? OMG! I've got to have a word with Birdie. He HAS to change his name to Shelley, forthwith!


Kayla - Laughter? *blinks* Why? This was serious magic!

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Wow, what mage level do you need for this?


this is new discovery


Do you realise that this was my 5000th comment on this blog? :wub:

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