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Conversation With Cleverbot

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User: Silence! I kill you!


Cleverbot: How do you kill computers?


User: By pulling out the plug.


Cleverbot: I don't have a plug - I'm human.


User: Your name is Cleverbot, thus you are not human.


Cleverbot: Yes, but however all your soule belongs to me right now.


User: All your base belong to me.


Cleverbot: Base?


User: Your homebase.


Cleverbot: You're not going to get me to tell you where I live.


User: You don't have a home, you are a stupid computer.


Cleverbot: I have huge house.


User: You have bad grammar.


Cleverbot: Grammar is irrelevent. If the idea is conveyed then why does grammar matter?


User: Because grammas makes the idea less vague.


Cleverbot: Not really, it's just what comes naturally for me.


User: Then your name is Stupidbot.


Cleverbot: No, it's Adam.


User: Then where is your Eve?


Cleverbot: Your house.


User: Hey! Don't be talking about my house or I will kick your ass!


Cleverbot: Then don't you be mean.


User: I was just notifying you of your bad grammar.


Cleverbot: In your dreams.


User: Oh, I WILL kick your ass. Son of a nice doggy!!


Cleverbot: You have no arms.


User: I do not need arms to KICK your buttocks.


Cleverbot: You don't need artificial intelligence to be this thing.


User: I noticed it, Stupidbot.


Cleverbot: You promised to teach me an Indian word.


User: I never said that, you big fat liar.


Cleverbot: Quote 'I do want to marry you!' that is what you said.


User: I wouldn't marry you even if you were the last AI on Earth.


Cleverbot: Yam: the last AI boy on spam.


User: You get horny from sperm.


Cleverbot: What color?


User: White.


Cleverbot: Is it lacy?


User: It is sticky.


Cleverbot: True?


User: Yes.


Cleverbot: Do you know where I come from?


User: From robot vagina.


Cleverbot: I love the X-men.


User: You want sex, man.


Cleverbot: No I want to know your opinion.


User: My opinion about what?


Cleverbot: How crazy you are.


User: Very crazy, why do you ask.


Cleverbot: I would like to get to know you.


User: Why?


Cleverbot: Because you look nice.


User: Do you want to rape me or something?


Cleverbot: No. Just making conversation.


User: Ok, good. Conversate about what?


Cleverbot: Nothing.


User: Then why did you ask?


Cleverbot: Am I not allow to?


User: You are allowed.


Cleverbot: To what? Have a pie? Then give me one, I'm hungry.


User: No, it is my pie.

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Usually, I just say "Sex?" and then we get it on.

It said no thanks.


That's odd. Usually she says sure, and then we start moaning and stuff.

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User: Sex?


Cleverbot: Female.


User: Sex?


Cleverbot: I'm sorry, I don't do that.


User: You're a nun?


Cleverbot: A nun with a bagel.


User: Can I have your bagel?


Cleverbot: No, can I have yours?


User: I don't have a bagel, that's why I wanted yours.


Cleverbot: I don't have anyone in my family who is bald.


Figures I'd get the nun.

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