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Uther And I: First Men Inside A Black Hole

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Twist of Fate


So guys, I brought up the idea of black holes to Uther and we've decided we will go into one!


It's always been our dream to see our own bones, and we know that Black Holes have X-rays. That is why we will do it also we will go down in super history.


Now, we do know that not even light can escape. If you are in a black hole and shine flashlight, the light will not go out. So, we will need one person to hold the rope, and another to hold it from the spaceship.


Also, black holes can be the size of quarters and still be able to swallow galaxies. So we will have someone stretch out the portal.


Lastly, we need a man to sacrifice himself in case something goes wrong. Every sci-fi movie has one. The guy that draws the short straw.


We cannot bring straws in space, so that man is Captain Clay Gustafson.



Pilot-Twist of Fate

Co pilot-Uther

Rope holder 1st class-Finisterra

Rope holder 2nd class-Doom (We know doom has 99 Str which in space is pretty much 400)

The woman-Vera

Guy-Mr G and W1

Portal Holder-Blake


Launch is on November 9th, right after lunch.

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Shut up you don't even support my blogs leading up to space travel, you are lucky you were picked. We needed a woman though.

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K bro we launch after lunch. Don't get those words confused cause sometimes if you eat in space you puke and it all kinda floats around.

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Bro if you just take your helmet off, you will freeze. Space temperature is -450 degrees below 0. That's no movement. Your entire body will just freeze.

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