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The Devil Is In My Blood, Smaller Than I Can See.

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Well-balanced will never be where I am. I am at one with the yo-yo. I'm on a see-saw and there's a fat kid in the middle so I'm forced to the ends, one at a time.

Maybe I'm overly adaptive. Everything has gone horribly wrong but I won't be disappointed if I tell myself I never cared that much to begin with.

Everything is too serious, but when it's not then nothing works. There's a happy medium but it evades me with great success.

Even if everything goes wrong, I will still be okay. But maybe I'm only saying that because everything is going wrong.

Maybe I should be really upset. Maybe everything is going wrong because I try not to care when it starts to go wrong. Maybe I'm thinking too much.

I always tell people not to take life seriously. Maybe I am just like everyone else. Maybe it's okay.

The devil is in my blood, smaller than I can see.

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It probably was meant to be, maybe a little bit.

I don't think anyone would care much for reading about my problems is I didn't make it nice to read.

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