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anyone who took it..


1. one of the questions i had trouble with was choosing between resentment or disdain. i put disdain. was that correct??


2. for the one with hari and his watchmending story, did he think his life was limited and so were his prospectives or were his attempts futile?


3. did hari want to explore the house? or was it something else?


4. what was the native american one? i put the one that was like tedious.


5. what was the one for how many numbers from 1 to 1000 dont have 7 digit?

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1. I put resentment. It is correct.

2. This was life prospects

3. He wanted to explore

4. I had trouble with that too, but I put the vigorous one because feckless means basically the same as tedious.

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When did you take this? (and what region?)


Seriously, I took it a while ago and remember those questions 0_o

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americans take it today entrility


but if thats the case, tell me the answers for next year, k brah?

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holy shizzle


i dont see how you took it before, though.. i thought everyone take on same day or on saturday, in america and international

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