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80 Prayer Ftw!

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Merch Gwyar


I've finally got level 80 prayer. It's been so bugging me, sitting amidst all those level 82 combat skills. Then there are all those strong rumours of Jagex bringing in high level prayers, which I'm guessing are going to start at level 80.


I got nearly 80k prayer xp today though to make it happen. Today is only the coda of weeks of a war of attrition on my prayer xp though. I've been randomly picking up bones and burying them every day. If I see a bone, it's picked up and buried. Then, a few days ago, I was on one of my habitual bank clearances, which involves processing raw materials into stuff. I had 13 turtle shells, so needed 13 gold charms. I took my whip to the ogres that live just outside the Yanille gates. They don't drop as many gold charms as I'd previously thought. It took about 120 kills to get my 13! However, that did leave me with loads of big bones to use on my gilded altar. I even had a random in the middle of that session, with the xp lamp going on prayer.


I've also had days when I've been into Soul Wars, though three games is usually my limit. After that I tend to get Dying at the Hands of Clans Fatigue, that well known syndrome. Yesterday though, I spent those three games with friends. Wolfhe came into the first game, but didn't like the minigame, so left thereon. AquarianPixi and I stayed on and it was fun to experience Soul Wars with a friend. Those 15 seconds in the graveyard go much more quickly, when you're canting. I logged out then to do real life stuff. When I came back, I logged straight into Canting. Several round of Soul Wars just whizzed by then. It was also wonderful to welcome the gang from Blesschat: Im Matman, BlessTiz and Aramil112, who were then followed by prolific blogger, Timothy Gold. Alongside the familiar Canters, like Teacuptime and Tarsan, they all kept up such banter that I was entertained through several Soul Wars rounds. Thanks all.


By the time I logged back on later, I'd worked out that I only needed 12 zeal to secure level 80 prayer. That's only four games on the winning side (or twelve on the losing side, obviously). I logged into Canting again, but there was no-one in there, so I came out again and concentrated on the games. That was an error. It was late and I was getting tired, so I got irritated quite quickly by the freeloaders.


Usually, freeloaders don't bother me too much. If they can stand to be bored stupid for 20 minutes, then I can stand to cover their low levelled, little heads with my arrows. Fine. However, something quite unusual was happening with these rounds. We were drawing. No less than three times in a row, those bouts ended in hard-fought draws. By this I really do mean hard-fought. Right up to the dying minutes, we were rushing around doing whatever was needful to ensure a draw, whether that be running to fight or defend an avatar, collecting bones to raise the health on our own, rushing to the obelisk or fighting to the death in some far-flung corner. Pyrefiends and jellies were almost lost in the battle for fragments, with others rushing over them snapping up bones. Moreover, ownership of the obelisk seemed to swop with dizzying speed, spending more time in the hands of neither than either. I often rush straight to the graveyard, when entering, so to secure it until the hordes of dead players keep it in our possession until the end of the battle. However, for many of these bouts, I was pretty much stationed there. Waves after waves of high-levelled opposing players kept coming. Ice Cube Man was frequently amongst them, making it difficult for our warriors and collectors to even leave the grave without ending up back in it for another 15 seconds. In response, many of our own high-levels were making constant forays over to their graveyard. The fighting was ferocious, constantly.


I'm simply not used to Soul Wars games where it actually feels like some almighty teamwork is going on here. In short, I'm not used to evenly matched teams. Moreover, I kept seeing the same names, on each team, as if loads of people were sticking with one colour. The activity in the waiting rooms didn't support this. I still saw the titans and bears crossing from colour to colour, as the clans swopped and changed. But it didn't matter, the draws kept on coming and it felt, inside the battleground, like a lot of people were sticking to one team.


My patience with the freeloaders was lost after a particularly close shave. The opposition had the obelisk and our avatar was sinking fast. I'd given up on defence and I, along with no less than seven other players, were rushing out collecting bones and careering back to bury them. Buried bones have a 50/50 chance of healing our avatar or else doing nothing. The health raises the slayer level needed to do damage upon him. I'd been out to the jelly compound and had a full bag of bones. I was running back, when two 130+ players pounced on me and killed me. I waited 15 seconds, then ran out again. I picked up all of those bones that had been dropped when I died. I ran back. The two were still in view. They encircled like velociraptors and killed me. A third time, I raced to reclaim my bones. I got them, I fled, I buried them. The result was that it raised the health of our avatar just above the apparent level of their highest level slayer. With just 2% health left in him, no more damage was done and our team had the obelisk back. I was so proud of myself!


But while all of this had been going on, three freeloaders were standing just outside the graveyard, up the back. Earlier on, I'd spotted them and exchanged pleasantries, as I killed an intruder just the other side of the wall. They were only little things, with an average level of 30-40, and had built themselves a barricade. I had no idea how they were keeping themselves from being kicked out of the game in there. There was nothing I could see that could raise their timer strip. By now, their barricade had gone, but while we had been collecting bones, our graveyard had been so over-run by the opposition. You need to have a critical mass of people in there. It doesn't matter if that person is level 3 or 138, if they are inside an area, then their presense counts. People were so worried about us losing the graveyard, that there was a chorus of people screaming, 'don't leave the graveyard until you have to!' or shorter variations on a theme. While they were in the inner sanctum, nothing but time could touch them, but their presense was keeping the graveyard for us.


Meanwhile, our freeloaders were standing a single square outside the graveyard, on its wooded side. They were right by the gate. They were no safer there than one step inside, only their presense wasn't being counted. I did ask them to step inside, with the promise that I'd defend them. They refused. Another time, I explained to them that it was a safe game, they wouldn't lose anything. They knew. I have to admit to cheering when Aviagotmybar and 1 love Scott, two opposition players, rushed in and killed them. I was too busy attacking the barrager, Facepunch, to even think of intervening.


Then came that crunch time, when all were rushing around collecting bones. It didn't matter the level. People who might have been more usefully deployed up the obelisk or rushing their avatar, were out and around the graveyard collecting and burying bones. I'd just done my thrice reclaimation of the bag of bones and the avatar was saved. With the obelisk in our hands and our avatar regaining health, there was a brief lull. I ran around to the gate and leaned out. 'Excuse me, would you mind collecting bones please?'


Knickers Ltd, Oh G O D and Aww Luv U 2 paused in their scintillating conversation, about clothes and some girl they disliked, to stare at me. You could practically hear the 'eeewwww' in the air. Aww Luv U 2 huffed, 'Yes, I do mind actually'. Then they continued with their conversation. Our avatar had just survived by the skin of its teeth and they were acting like they were doing us a favour just by being present in the trees. I counted to ten and ran back into the melee. Our people had stripped the entire land hereabout of bones. I thought of that great depository of them, the obelisk itself. I dashed up the slope, in anticipation of the next twist of fortune, when having plenty of bones ready would be a great boon. It naturally wasn't to be. I was immediately targetted and set upon. However, I have reasonably high defence, so I had time to gush out a request of the dragon clawed player laying into me. 'King Heathen, will you do me a favour?' 'What?' He asked, as his claws sounded my heartbeat in my ears. '3 noobs behind the blue graveyard. V obnoxious.' I died then and my retribution prayer took him out too.


But he'd got the message. Less than a minute later, I was engaged in hand to hand fighting in my graveyard, just a few squares from our freeloaders. I glimpsed a familiar red apparition looming up around the corner. It was King Heathen, all in dragon armour, with his dragon claws still dripping with my blood. He stalked around me and behind the wall, where Knickers Ltd, Oh G O D and Aww Luv U 2 all died a moment later. Of course, King Heathen then returned and killed me, but with my dying breath, the words floating above my head were, 'Ty! <3 you, King Heathen!'


Another honourable mention should go to Il Sp3ck Il. I met him as I was rushing to try and kill his avatar, but only got as far as the jellies before the avatar died and my bow was surplus to requirements. I decided to randomly start shooting at a higher level, who was fighting in Bandos and therefore probably was less concerned about my iron arrows, than with the dude with the Godsword in front of him. As I ranged away, suddenly I became aware of a level 47 player hitting me. 'Eat my Os!' Il Sp3ck Il proclaimed, taking me on quite alone. I just burst out laughing at his comment, then got the giggles and could barely see the screen. I could have taken out the whip, that was in my bag, or swopped to higher level arrows and pwnt him easily, but I just had to respect the lad. He was here with little hope of success, coming out with really hilarious comments, as a thorough antidote to the three freeloaders I'd just left. I let him have his moment and his xp. I just hit other people, until Il Sp3ck Il's colleagues appeared and piled me. It was all good.


It was such a sweet feeling to leave there and cash in zeal. 80 prayer ftw!

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Congrats Merch! I wish I was there when it was busy but Thursday night is game night at the house :)

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I don't play cooperative "team" mini games much, but I agree that Jagex needs to do something about the freeloaders. Something better than the stupid activity bar.

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congrats! :yay:


It was a lot of fun. I might have to start playing the minigames more.

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Congrats :D


I tried Soul Wars again today, lost one game, and then refreshed page by accident. Cba waiting the 15 mins, so I left. Got the last few exp for 58 Range with my 1 Zeal though :D

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Grats Merch! I have never tried Soul Wars but I should try it out sometime.You make every thing in Runescape sound more exciting than it actually is!

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That was only one of the reasons I didn't like the minigame. I just wish you could betray teammates like in Halo in some of these minigames. lol. :D

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Congratualations! :) the only minigames I ever play are fist of guthix and duel arena. Someitme I've really got to get 50 rc so I can try the orb project.

Question: Were you ever a free player? What do you think of the free game?

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Thank you all. :D


Helm - Yes, I started off as a free player, but I'm the classic example of all the subtle advertising working. I got so bored of clicking on things to find that I couldn't access them unless I was a member, that I went and got membership.

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