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Owned By Josh

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Merch Gwyar


I'm in bits here. I don't know as this will translate for everyone else, but Joshua Mack, this is for you:




Yes, I was owned. I r nub. :D


Edit: :P JOSHUA MACK! You had only 12 free inventory spaces! You're telling me that there was nothing in the other spaces worth 317gp! >-.-


Edit: For the benefit of everyone else, this is what happened. Josh had just been helping my nephew run through the DT pyramid, while I waited at the homebase. Once my boys were all back and safe, I started patting them down, checking fingers and toes and handing out sharks, as you do. I tried to give Josh a shark and his wizard hat back, but he kept putting up his dragon med helm. I'm going, 'Josh, it's free, remove the helm'. He wasn't having it. He kept on that it was a drop and it's a present. I'm there thinking, 'Josh, you're injured, have the shark.' But he wasn't budging. In the end, I called his bluff and accepted the trade, on the basis that I'd scare him a bit, then hand it back over before I logged off.


Trade went through. He's got his wizard hat and shark and I've got his dragon med hat. We chatted a bit, then I went to hand his helm back. He kept on putting up things like his dragon boots to thwart it. I'm going, 'Josh! I g2g! Have your dragon hat back, so I can go.' In the end he finally consented to trade me, I put up the helm and... well, yeah, you can see from the picture. :) He'd eaten the shark that allowed the other transfer to happen as well. :D


Edit: 19th October: Wise to the ways of Mr Mack, I took over 317gp worth of noted items with me, when I tracked him down in the Castle Wars foyee. I asked him to just hold something for me please. He had a look at it, but obviously had me sussed. 'One less,' he commented. I shook my head, 'No, have all four, just for a second.' Josh came out of the trade window. A second later, he was trading me again. He put up a dragon med helm. Laughing, I put up the one that he'd already given me. We traded.


We had both noticed something though. The dragon med helm had risen in price since the original swop. I quickly got out more noted pineapples. 'Joshy, will you just hold these a moment please?' I should have been suspicious by the speed at which he took them. The fact is that I'm crap at maths and he's not. He'd already sussed that I hadn't taken out enough pineapples. I immediately asked for my pineapples back and he traded. I put the dragon med helm up and he put the pineapples up. Ooops! Can't do it. We were over the trade restrictions. Oh Guthix.


Laughing, he made an addition:






Incidentally, I gave him his wizard hat back a few minutes later, once his trade limit had risen again. :D

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Oh, Merch, in case you haven't noticed the columns which previously surrounded your stats image have, umm, disappeared. Maybe they went off to Chinland? In any case, you might want to look into that.

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What was teh trade for in the first place? I don't get it!?

Nice trade limit. I wish f2p could get a slightly higher one after completing all free quests..or something...

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Pixi - Yes, it was Josh owning me LOL


Duckies - Yes he is. >:(


Wolfhe - A tad. LOL Kk I've removed them, thanks!


Helm - Ok, I'll edit the main blog so that it's clearer for everyone else.

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Edit: :o JOSHUA MACK! You had only 12 free inventory spaces! You're telling me that there was nothing in the other spaces worth 317gp! >:(




Equipped obby ring after trade. :rolleyes:

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If you can give away dragon medium helm drops, you have enough money to buy more law runes. Just sayin'. :P

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I had exactly the right amount of laws for the teled I needed to do though, and the d med was just gonna sit in my bank as a placeholder anyways. :P

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Where you able to get out of the pyramid into Sophanem from there? If so, why didn't you just go there, kill 3 people and use the bones as a trade function?? They are worth over 100gp each!

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