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->view page source ->edit ->go to line...




how the hell did you find this? :blink:

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How am I supposed to find line 612 D:

In Chrome: view-source:http://eu.wowarmory.com/_js/armory.js (Ctrl+U)

In Firefox: Ctrl+U (click for line numbers)


If using anything else, copypaste into something with line numbers (such as Notepad++).


How did you even find that :xd:

I was browsing the WoW Armoury and wanted to see how the tooltips were created (as you do :P), so found myself reading through the linked file and stumbled across it.

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Are you still on TM Neo? :wub:

I am, but the month ended and I'm not resubscribing atm due to IRL and some things to do with Sal's that I want to get finished within a year or three. :cute:

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