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Evaluate Things From All Aspects.



When I was a little girl, I have a dream. I dream that one day I could be a gorgeous lady, and then a handsome gentleman with a horse comes to me and bring me to his palace, then we have a happy ending.

These entire dreams come from the children's fairy tales, after I grew up, things change a lot. There is no gorgeous lady, no handsome gentleman with a horse, only a little me. So now everything is in a state of uncertainty or perplexity, I still have chance to create my own dream. It just like you has 100 dollars, you can buy a suit, and you can only wear it without match a jean or a T-shirt. But if you use the 100 dollars for a blouse, a T-shirt and a blouse, you can still match them with your other clothes. So your wearing can be different styles. Today you are a gorgeous, tomorrow you can be a casual girl. It will be fantastic.

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