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Me, Myself & I

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I suppose some explanation is needed as to my absence; though I daresay that the ones who know who I am are used to it, and the ones who don't know me simply won't care. Still, I feel it's a responsibility that I should take to heart.


Before I last left Sal's without any warning or goodbye, I was... confused to say the least. Though the fact that I logged onto my account to find that I have no PM's from my friends asking where the hell I am did wound my ego a little :lol:; still, the thing's big enough anyhow so I think it can take a little of the edges. Anyhow, back on track... The past few months I've totally cut myself off from the internet. I woke up one morning and realised that I had absolutely no idea what I planned to do with myself, and so resolved to cut myself off from all of the pointless things that had totally occupied my life.


Well, what did I do? It was far too late to start taking my GCSE's seriously, with mere weeks from the exams, so I had to do the best that I could given the time. It went okay, in the grand scheme of things. I should have been achieving As & A*s; but my 2 As, 8 Bs and 1 C were sufficient enough to get me into the college of my choice. I'm now studying Law, Politics, Psychology and English Literature; and I'm happy to report that I'm well up to my standards with top marks in each. So, I'd sorted out the "here and now" part of my life, but I then had to consider my future.


I've always held a great interest in law, even though in the past I've never fully understood what it means. In America, law and litigation are in fact a favourite pastime of most citizens, I believe; never passing up a chance to take someone to court (I'm joking, of course). It required little debate on my part to decide that law was the career pathway that I wished to pursue. I still feel confident of my choice at this moment, though I do have some debate as to which branch to take. Whether to take the Legal Practice Course and become a solicitor, or to take the Bar Vocational Course and become a barrister; this is a dilemma that still plagues me. If nothing else can be said about the Americans and their approach to law, they must be commended for their common sense in having a fused legal system. Though admittedly, the restraints placed upon solicitors over rights of audience in the Crown Court, High Court, Court of Appeals and House of Lords (Now the Supreme Court, since the reforms) have lessened somewhat; with solicitors being heard in increasing numbers in the higher courts. Perhaps this means that the English legal system is finally catching up? But that's a debate for another time, I suppose. I don't really have to decide until after I obtain a law degree.


The reason I'm here again, I think, is that I simply needed a place to express myself properly; a place to talk to people in words, rather than with speech. Forums really are a great thing, all in all; and in my opinion, Sal's is one of the best! :yay:


Well, that's me, in a nutshell. I should thank you, I suppose, for taking the time to read this lengthy and frankly tiresome drivel, and hope that you'll have me back as enthusiastically as I wish to come back. That's all for now folks. Expect regular entries to this blog, though I doubt it interests a great many people. Oh, and drop me a note in the comments section of this entry, if you would. It's always nice to see that people are actually paying attention.

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Heh, yea. I have a tendancy to go on a little. Don't worry, you didn't skip over anything of importance.


Thanks, by the way. I hope to see you around too mate.

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Hey, I've missed ya. :wub:


Good luck with college and I hope you get the degree and job that you want. :)

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Thanks a lot guys, really. To be honest, it's pretty nice to be back. Before now I've always been all over the place, unable to keep something going, but it's pretty good to finally be able to do not only what must be done (in terms of education), but also what I want to do (Hang out with j00 guys ^_^).


So thanks for stopping by guys, even you Aliath, though upstage me again and I'll climb so far up your backside we'll be chewing the same piece of chewing-gum :cute:.

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Runecake, yikes. I wasn't aware that that thing was still running... Still, even if, I don't really have any intentions of joining again. Or at least not a quite a while.

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