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*sings* I Had A Bad Day

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I had a pretty bad day today.


The worst thing that happened is that my girlfriend broke up with me. Apparently, someone made I rumor that I was secretly dating someone else. And my girlfriend believed them. :lol:


Also, I wasn't allowed to watch my school's basketball game today. I asked my mom if I could go, but she said I couldn't. She said my homework wouldn't allow me to watch. When I got home, I finished my homework in 5 minutes.


Meh, not as bad as some other days (see first blog entry), but not that great of a day.



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Ahhhhhhh, I'm sorry to hear that. :( It's surprising that she believed them that easily, but then I suppose middle school "dating politics" are way more complex than they need to be.


Sounds like a really stupidly bad day, but at least none of it was your fault. ;) Hope your weekend is better!

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