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My Poem

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I made got my friend to write me a poem :yay:


I know this dude, my sugar son

He really has some big guns


He walks the streets night and day

Smackin whore to get his pay


What a wonder what a sight

He really can put up a fight


He grandparent's mailbox was mowed down

and this gave him a really big frown


I hit my head on the bottom of his pool

but he just said, "ahh its all cool"


He cant really drive that well

but dont you dare tell!


This man I speak of is really slammin

This man I speak of is Kyle


I edited out the last bit :lol:

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Recommended Comments

Well, it's not exactly Shakespeare or Tennyson, but it certainly must be a little flattering. Most modern day poets for some reason hate rhymes of any kind, which is something I've never understood. It doesn't come off to badly here.


I have one question though... Poetry? I get my friends to pay for my coffee or snacks, and you have them writing you poetry? I gotta' ask... why? Lol :P

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