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We finished a topic in Psychology today, which of course means that we're moving onto a new one next lesson. As homework, we're to read up on the topic in advance in our textbooks. Just started reading it a few minutes ago...


Now I'm not sure if anyone reading this is familiar with the "Psychodynamic Approach" of pyschology, but I gotta' ask, the the flying *CENSOR*?! I swear, the writers of this textbook must have put it all in as a joke.

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Is your computer able to run a game that is fully rendered in 3D? A game which the minimum requirement is Windows 98 and 2GB RAM?

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Course; though I didn't know that Windows 98 was associated with 2GB RAM in any way, shape or form. Pathetic little excuse for an operating system *Grumbles*...

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Or difficult or anything like this? Wondeful a good movie, I open the blog and enter the gifts. If the sanctity of the rule is broken, my contention that violation of the provisions of its inner sanctum. My refuge, my home!

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On a serious note, would you be interested in playing an old game called Phantasy Star Online? Yes, it is associated with Phantasy Star Universe. The game mechanics are generally the same, but the setting and gameplay are much, much better. Its one of the best RPG's I've ever played. Though it is multiplayer, I doubt it can be called an MMORPG, since the whole point is to "dungeon-dive" through levels with up to four friends. Nearly unlimited character customization, etcetera. One way to describe it would be "orgasmic", and it probably is as good as sex.



And its phreee!!!!

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Heh, I'll look into it tomorrow and get back to you. It's 2 AM over here and I have an exam tomorrow. I'm gonna check up on a few topics then pack it in for the night. See you through the window mate...

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