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Finally Got Round To Updating It

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It's been a while, but I've finally got round to updating the Blue Runescape Website Skin so that it works again following the changes in URL a while back.


It's taken this long to update it because I've had no personal incentive to do so - I've switched to using Chrome since it has a significantly faster statup time (measured in seconds rather than minutes) compared with Firefox. Up until now, it's had no easy way to install Userstyles, so I've simply not bothered. Today, however, I decided to download the BETA version of Chrome which has the ability to install extensions, which also means easy installation of Userstyles! :/


There's a slight pause between loading the page and it turning blue on Chrome (none on Firefox with Stylish installed), but that's not a real problem when it looks so much nicer. :D


I've also made the RuneScape Forums - Wide style work again, so the forums will fill up more screen space rather than hiding in the middle.


As something small, I've also made a separate style to Define the Avatar Size on the RuneScape Forums. If you have the Runescape Website - Blue skin installed, you'll have it anyway, but what it does is set dimensions for the avatars on the RuneScape forum even before they have loaded (as Jagex should do anyway). This makes scrolling through multiple pages of forum threads significantly less annoying since the 'Next' button doesn't keep running away as more avatars load. <_<


So, if you wanted it working again or simply want the RuneScape website to be nice and blue, be sure to check it out (and tell me about any problems you see outside the Adventurer's Log - I'll do my best to fix that asap).




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These can be used on Chrome extensions beta w/e, yes?

Yup - simply click the 'Install as user script' button, 'Continue' on a confirmation message, then 'Install' on another conformation dialogue. They'll then appear on the Extensions page (chrome://extensions/) as other extensions do.

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