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Placement Test

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Well, I am now officially a college student. Today I did my placement test (determines what level of education you are in English and Algebra) and passed! No remedial classes! W00t w00t! 6 out of 8 points (75%) on the English part, which was an essay on if "pretending" can be beneficial, and 11 out of 12 points (92%) on the Algebra.


I had been studying the Algebra part of the test for over a week, because I wanted to test into Precalc and I heard that if you didn't get all the answers right, you had to take remedial classes. Thankfully, that was outdated information (imagine not making it into college-level Algebra because you got ONE question wrong... :D)!


I didn't have a problem with writing the essay; that part was OK (although I have no idea why I got a 75% on it because it's graded by a COMPUTER- Holistic programs and all that). The Algebra part, however, was tough and I had to reverse-find the answers. Thank goodness it was multiple choice!


After the test, I selected my classes for next semester (Intro to Computers and Precalc) and got my photo ID. <_< I am now OFFICIALLY a college student!

And I'm only 17...

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