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In the midst of all this excitement (read last post 'Updates!') I have decided to stay active here for (anyone) you guys. :P


So, as the title says, I have a shoutout or two to make.


My first shoutout goes to Loops/Lupin, who shot me some help with my skill log. He gave me the basics of "logging" and he's one of my (few) "closer" friends here on Sal's.


My second shoutout goes to Scurfie... my first inspiration for making fakes. Also another close friend of mine here. -.-


My third and last current shoutout is going out to ReVolt, an AWESOME graphics worker. :P He recently make a nice addition to my skill log, and is a nice guy, pretty funny :P


So there's my scoop for now, guys.


Signed, Sudo

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