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Dude, That Sucks.

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Met a guy yesterday at the college that failed his remedial Introductory Algebra class in college. He had just taken the final and failed the class. As you can guess, he was pretty depressed about it. :P


My friend and I gave him some advice on what to do if he didn't want to take the class again (like ask the professor to let him take it again, take the placement test again to see if he could test out of remedial math, test out of the class itself, etc.).


Since I haven't started my first semester yet, I was thinking of this guy's situation and applying it to myself. I hope that I don't fail any classes, that I get an 'A' average, that I get my job at the bookstore, etc. etc. etc.


I'm not quite sure what my major is going to be. Possibly Aeronautics Engineering or Graphic Design, as both of those interest me. I start next month, and it feels like my life is about to begin. Hopefully, I'll be just fine.

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