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My Christmas?

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I got 1st addition Seto Kaiba, Yugi Moto, and Joey Wheeler starter decks to initiate my holiday. I was so excited I didn't even open my other gifts, I just spent the first 2 hours or so challenging my mom to a duel. What a cabbage-lover. She totally had a Dragon Lord and a Dragon Flute and used it to summon some good kitty! ass lvl 4 dragon with like 1500 ATK points. So I proceeded to rape her with just my Summoned Skull.

Felt good man.

Didn't even try the Joey yet.


When I opened my other presents I just found some other stupid shizzle. A Mac. Which was really upsetting, because it was a normal one, which I didn't ask for, I asked for a Macbook Air, because it's thin. And it saves the world and stuff. And I don't even care about the world and stuff. But I would. If I got that. Which I didnt. So I traded it to my sister for her chocolates. I got a 6-speed bike, which also sucked. I got a kayak. Which is weird because I don't even like boating. Some name brand clothes. NOT FROM HOT TOPIC OR AERO?! WHAT. And some other stupid shizzle.


3/10 Christmas for me

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