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Void Melee Helm In The Wardrobe

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Merch Gwyar


I fancied doing something different yesterday morning, so I hunted through the guides trying to find somewhere that I'd never been before. The Werewolf Agility Course jumped out as the top contender. I logged in and rushed into Canting to see if anyone wanted to come and play. Tumbleweed rolled through the chat channel, as everyone was apparently sleeping off their hangovers. Undaunted, I set off to the Werewolf Agility Course by myself and chatted with the werewolf to see what I needed. I took some cake and lobsters, then had to go back for my Ring of Charos. All done, it was with great excitement that I set off across the stones.


It got a bit old after the third curcuit, though the death slide was amusing to watch. It didn't take any great concentration though, so I opened up BBC iplayer and used the pop up. I caught up on all the programmes that I'm too deaf to watch without headphones. 'The Royle Family' and 'Dr Who Confidential' passed by before I got level 77 agility and left the werewolves to their course. It was fun, but the xp is better up Ape Atoll. I'm glad that I went though.


There was still no-one in Canting, so I mused on what to do next. Pierito90wns filmed me for his skillcape video (it'll be on You Tube channel: TheKingRomio2), which had me in my costume room, seeing what costumes were missing. I decided to go to Pest Control and grab some points for one of the two missing Void hats. I only intended to get a handful of points, but Killler Fury invited me to a 115+ world and it was great! People didn't kill brawlers nor did they leave gates open. I'd got 100 points before I even thought to check on my progress.


I disappeared to do real life stuff, returning several hours later to find myself automatically entering Killler Fury's cc. They were all still there! I apologised for being so long and dived back into Void Knight defence. However, the world had grown much bigger and had been leaked to the sort of people who leave gates open. It was still good, insofar as everyone was in the same chat channel, so the veterans could scream at them, 'Stop killing brawlers' and 'please shut the gate!' There were always a couple of people left in the lander, so they'd take over, explaining why these things were important. I still got the remaining 100 points very quickly.


I was, however, exposed to an elitist phenomenon. There were several people who were very, very uppity about the fact that some people present were under level 115. We're not talking much here. The lowest levelled person whom I saw was 103, which is hardly low! They were turned upon like the Bacchae had arrived. Whenever it was my turn in the lander, I'd try to argue that it's not combat level, but game knowledge which is an issue. Who would you rather have on your side? A level 103 who knows how to play Pest Control; or a level 115, who just kills everything in sight, willy nilly, including the lured brawlers, and leaves every gate open? I would have an army of the former, trust me. I hadn't seen the Void Knight die once, but suddenly he started doing it three games on the trot. Each time, it was because all three gates were open and we defenders got quickly overwhelmed, but the cc erupted. It's the fault of the 100s! (What about the level 129, who killed a brawler being brought up the stairs?)


Anyway, the general present gave into peer pressure and moved us to another world. The games didn't change much for it. LOL They improved dramatically though, when it was suggested that anyone leaving gates open or killing brawlers get kicked from the cc. When Killler Fury and another general returned, it was with amusement to find that we'd hopped. 'World gone bad?' 'No.' 'Oh! You gave into the whingers.' ':)'


All in all, I really enjoyed my sojourn into Killler Fury's chat channel. I'm outing it, as I doubt that it'll be up for another day's Pest Control. He was there most of yesterday and only after Void armour. Which is a pity, as I still need the Void Mage Helm, in order to have full Void.


Some congratulations were in order though as, late in the evening, M4gic S0ul got 99 attack. Some of us left the boat to go and share his moment.




Congratulations again!

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