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December Thoughts



Pictures coming soon

December's interesting.


This one marked the second consecutive year I've come back to RS for December-January after not playing through the year. I know the reason: Boredom. Can't seem to find anything else to do, so I just re-re-re-re-subscribe for Membership and no-life for a few weeks. This is usually followed by unsubscribing, and getting back into real life mode. Last year it was Fishing; this year, it was some of that, but mainly Fletching. I have no idea what draws me back. I kinda just want to forget about it and move on, but the boredom bug sets in and I come back for a playing spree for a month or two.


Went through and cleaned out all the 'dead wood' blog entries; stuff I didn't think should be on here :D. But I accidentally deleted a band entry I posted (whatever)...


Fish & Fletch


A friend of mine introduced me to fishing in the Living Rock Caverns, after discussing Shilo Village. I fished there for a few days and had a grand total of 12 deaths (mainly one-hitters). It was mainly OK though, because of the money earned from Cavefish and I didn't lose much when I did die (bait etc). It only got annoying if I was doing a bank dash and I got one-hitted with 20-odd Cavefish in the inventory :wub:. The majority of the time my grave was blessed, but sometimes it was in such a dangerous spot that I would die just trying to get to it... this happened on two seperate occasions, I didn't learn :santa:.


A few of the other fishers were discussing Fletching down there a few days ago, and I wondered why I'd never trained it since around 2008. I discovered I could make a small, measly profit by Fletching Yew Longs. So on December 29 I set out to do just that. But sometimes you get in a rhythm, a groove, a zone? That's what happened. I got a level (72), then another, and another, and another... helped along by Coldplay's X&Y album; there was also some Division Bell thrown in there I think.


With the levels I was edging ever closer to the historic (once upon a time) 1,000 total, along with the help of a Genie Lamp to get me 26 Slayer.


Very happy to get it. First thing I did? Go on one of the 1000+ total worlds :santa:.


I know why so many people have 99 Fletch now, the xp is crazy.


Moving on


Today, I looked at a few of the blogs I used to read on Sals and found that their last entries hover around 2008, the writers having moved on in real life. I felt a bit of a pang, just remembering the old times and memories. Just hitting me that the whole RS thing (including foruming) should just be something to look back on; something which impacted my teenage years more than it should have. I'm at that time in life where there's more important things to take care off and ease into: adulthood, university, independence... As such, this is what I will do come February. University will be absolutely top priority, and I will quit around Feb. Although I've never being a person to stick to something (which does scare me a little bit), I have to stick to this for the sake of moving on. I do move on for 11 months of the year, but can't stay away around the Summer holidays; but there will be other hobbies for me to do in the coming years.


I really only achieved one thing I set out to do (100 Combat in January 2006); I set 1000s of other goals I never achieved, but I had fun and met some cool peeps. There's a part of me still wants to hang on to the times associated with RS, and that's what makes it so hard to leave for good. But a next chapter is a next chapter and real life awaits. It's a bit silly I find it this hard to move on, but some things need to be done :wub:.


On January 31, 2010, it will be adios :santa:.



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