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In response to your locked entry, the story alone was a cliche. The delivery, however, was exceptional.


And no, you don't suck cocks. :lol:

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I don't believe so. Also, is that meant to be censored? D:


and i dunno


what is wrong with big stupid birds going "cuckuuu"

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Um. <lead character> is thrown into a society completely foreign to them. They are instructed to gain said society's trust so the society can be harmed/taken advantage of. <lead character> grows fond of society, decides too late not to betray them. <lead character>'s allies move foward with original plan. <lead character> and friends fight old allies. Society learns of <lead character>'s involvement in their harm and turns it's back on him, only to be later won back over (because <lead character> has learned a valuable lesson, plus they need him/her to emerge from a struggle victorious). Through team work, <lead character> and Society defeat the previously undefeatable allies.


Throw in a traumatic death for the lead character, if you wish.




What made the movie great was the visual delivery and (what I saw as) good acting. Also, aliens are awesome.

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I would be interested in seeing what his first draft looked like. Audiences love cliches, and studios love large audiences. I would be willing to bet that most of it was changed. Also, often cliches are unavoidable. The particular plot point was made into a cliche because it had an impact on the audience, and there may not be anything else that works as well.


What if Sigourney Weaver's character hadn't died? Other people would be complaining that all the main characters were untouchable, that they all survived to the end, which is rather unbelievable given that they were in the middle of a large battle. Others would complain that no human protagonists were killed, only the natives were. Main characters being invincible is a cliche just as much as somebody dying is.


Also, this movie was a clear metaphor for a real life event. How else are you going to write that? You can only change something so much before people stop seeing a connection, which was obviously his whole point. And what if you take out the love interest? It's not as compelling, not as fun to watch, and doesn't carry its point as well.


Am I bullshizzleting you? Probably. But I think I make good sense.


Find me a movie or novel today that is completely "original". You won't find many, if any. If you've read enough or seen enough movies, you can make a connection to just about anything.


~GoliathFanboy :holiday:

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Yeah. That doesn't change the fact that the story is a cliche. Delivery remains exceptional. Movie overall is still very good.

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Oh god was this about Avatar? I called it exceptional :(

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