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Barbarian Assault For Noobs

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Merch Gwyar


With all the hype this week, there are a few people planning to play for the first time. As I've been asked a couple of times in Canting, I thought I'd write a blog about the very basics. There's a lot to take in, so these are just the couple of points needed to get you through your first foray into the arena. Thereafter, do your research, get a feel for the game and perfect your strategy. It's all good.




Clothe yourself in your best melee protection armour. Leave your cloak in your bank. Your weapon of choice is a scimitar. You'll find most high level BA geeks clutching a dragon skimmy, but any will do. Failing that, you're after any weapon with four options: controlled, accurate, aggressive, or defensive. Alternatively, bring a bow. Don't bring arrows, runes or food. Runes and arrows are provided in-game and food isn't allowed. In fact, leave your inventory completely empty. Switch off auto-retaliate. Switch on accept aid.


First Visit


Before you can play, you will need to do the Tutorial. To do this, speak with Captain Cain in the foyee of the arena. He'll be by the blackboard. After watching it, please do not panic. Like all Jagex minigame tutorials, it's designed to scare the crap out of you. It bombards you with information, none of which you can remember afterwards, and displays the game like it would be played if everyone had master level and 100 years experience. In short, pretty useless for noobs. Get it over with and don't take notes. Some details in the Tutorial are wrong. There's a thread right now, in the RSOF, about how the Tutorial shows runners spawning from the wrong place. It also takes several minutes to complete the Tutorial, so it might be worth just nipping there now to get it over with, so when you want to start playing, you can just get on with it.


It is worth finding Commander Connad in the foyee and getting a free horn off him. Just shove it in your bag for now.


Find the Wave 1 Waiting Room


Go down the ladder and along a long, long corridor, turn left and it's right up the end there. Go through the sparkly pink door and wander across to the statue. Rotate it. This is now going to charge your horn with xp potential. Rotate it again. This is now going to charge your horn with honour points. First big question to ask yourself - why are you here? If it's to get the latest in fashion accessories, ie the penance armour; or else master the levels, then you need to rotate the statue until it says it's giving you honour points. This will also add to your BA minigame hiscores. If you're here to charge the horn, so that you can get double xp in firemaking, mining or agility, then rotate it until it's giving you xp potential. This does not add anything to your BA minigame hiscores.


If you have a bookcase in your POH, then also meander over to the BA book lying on the floor. Skim through the pages and drop it. That will now be in your bookcase at home. Hurrah.


Getting on a Team


Now you need to sort out a team and a role. You could go and pick up a scroll from the table and create your own team. Do you really need that stress on your first visit? Better to join someone else's. Stand there and say, 'Att here', 'Coll here', 'Def here', 'Healer here' or 'any here'. Eventually someone will use a scroll on you and you'll get an interface pop up. Click on the icon for your role, press accept and you're in. This won't work if you don't have accept aid on, as they can't use the scroll on you.


The Best Role for You


All roles in Barbarian Assault are vital. Don't let anyone tell you any different. Without each person doing their job, the wave would fail. That said, if you are brand new to the game, then you are best going for either collector or attacker. This is because there is less to remember and will give you a feel for the game before you start with the more strategically demanding roles of healer or defender. However, every player and his dog will be trying to be collector or attacker, for exactly the same reasons. It may take you a while to be accepted onto a team, particularly if you have a low combat level. That's because there aren't many master healers around. The master healers will snap up a low levelled player in an instant, as you represent lots of healing points for the team!


Pick out the best role for you from the list below and if you remember only the couple of points mentioned, you'll be fine.


Important Things to Remember in Each Role




Win: Pick up the correct colour egg, as shown on the list on your screen when you are in the game; call for the attacker by right-clicking the game horn in your bag and selecting, from the menu, what is written beside the mouth on your screen list.

Fail: Pick up the wrong colour egg; not calling for the attacker




Win: Pwn rangers first, then fighters, using only the mode of attack told to you by the collector; call for the collector by right-clicking the game horn in your bag and selecting, from the menu, what is written beside the mouth on your screen list.

Fail: Using the wrong mode of attack; not calling for the collector




Win: Stopping runners from leaving the arena by dropping any food on the floor; luring runners to a trap, where they'll be killed if you drop the right food as told to you by the healer; calling for the healer by right-clicking the game horn in your bag and selecting, from the menu, what is written beside the mouth on your screen list.

Fail: Letting the runners leave the arena; not calling for the healer




Win: Keeping your team-mates alive by filling up your vial from the healing pool, then using it on any injured colleagues; poisoning the penance healers using the correct food as told to you by the defender; call for the defender by right-clicking the game horn in your bag and selecting, from the menu, what is written beside the mouth on your screen list.

Fail: Letting a team-mate die (wave over); using the wrong food on a penance healer; not calling for the defender.


Starting the Game


The game will start when your team captain leads you all down the ladder. First thing that you do, in any role, is to right-click the game horn in your bag and select, from the menu, the item that is beside the mouth icon on the list on your screen. Get into the habit of doing this whenever that changes colour to white. It will change several times during the game.


Defenders and healers, use the dispenser machine by the wall to fill up your bag with food and, for the healer, a vial. Attackers, if you are ranging or maging, do the same, if not just run off to meet your foe with your skimmy. Healer, go and fill your vial from the healing pool. Other than that, just look at the points for each role and do your best.


Please note that using the cannon is good. It loses no points and could gain them.


Most important thing to remember: It's a game! Have fun!

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the defender role is so confusing. some games I have no runners get past, some games a bunch do :(

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The hard part now is finding a team that will actually play for more than a few seconds. Everytime I enter BA, get on a team, somebody leaves straight away. I don't really have much time to fool around, seeing as it is still a schoolday (weekends will be awesome though).


Otherwise, your collecter guide will honest help me. Seeing paragraphs upon paragraphs of info kinda puts me off it. But your guide is so simple :D

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