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Sophomore Schedule

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K. This is what it's going to be.


Cambridge English 10

Cambridge Math 10

Cambridge Biology

AP US Government and Politics

Gym / Driver's Ed

Honors Latin I

Honors Spanish III

Teacher's Aide (for cooking class!)


Cambridge is the IGCSE program. It's like the GCSE in England, but it's weighted as AP at my school for some reason... which is totally awesome because it boosts my GPA by .5 per course. Also, I'm taking two languages because I figure that by taking both of them as Honors (which is pretty easy), I can also boost my GPA by .25... And the reason I'm taking Latin is because it builds up my vocab for the SAT.

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1 afternoon with an SAT review book prepared me more than 3 years of Latin.


Just sayin'.



But I'm only taking one year of Latin because taking an additional language course next year can boost my GPA since it's weighted as Honors. After that, I'll be sticking with Spanish as the rest of my courses would be AP.

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