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Temple Trekking Ad Nauseum

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Merch Gwyar


I thought it was a fluke. On the first day that I Temple Trekked, I seemed to have nail beasts on every other trek. I was raking in the charms. Then it all seemed to stop. I wasn't even getting Fred Lay's estimate of 3-4 treks for nail beasts. It was every 7 treks, then they seemed to disappear of the face of Gielinor. In two days of practically no lifing the minigame, I'd gained only 20 charms. Before that, I was getting 60 charms per day for just a couple or three hours trekking.


Then it happened again. Yesterday evening, I got the nail beasts five times in six treks. I was unbearable to be with! That was twenty-five charms in about 20 minutes. I had to log off then, as I was already running late for a meeting on another forum. Around half past midnight, I was falling asleep over my keyboard, but, as I went to close down the tabs, I paused over the Runescape one. It had been sitting unused for hours, but I figured that I'd just nip on to plant a seed up Trollheim, then go abed. I logged on. I was in Burgh de Rott. I could have teleported out to Trollheim, but that addictive niggling kicked in. One more trek... It happened again! I got nail beasts as my first event and it was rude not to go back then. Same thing, five nail beast events in six treks. In short, I got 50 charms in about 50 minutes (split into two, with a long break between). The day before, I'd only got 10 in hours of playing. I'm now sitting here with 286 talon beast charms, ready to make up on bonus xp weekend.


Temple Trekking and farming is mostly all that I've been doing. I haven't even caught up with Shattered Heart fever yet, despite the incentive of a statue in my house. Canting has been full of people training everything under the sun, just to get the stones. I've managed the two for woodcutting and one for cooking. There are two farming stones in my bank, but I figured that if I wait until next week for those, I'll get more xp, as I'll be a level higher in farming. Personally, I don't want to spare one second away from Temple Trekking and farming, because I really, really want my herblore and summoning levels. Kitt Fox and Joshua Mack did loads of maths for me yesterday. I've been beavering away like the Sorceror's Apprentice in the background, so they kindly reckoned up the materials that I've collected, then astounded me with the answers. I was aiming for 80 summoning. It's going to be a lot more. I was aiming for 81 herblore. I think it's going to be 83. :lol:


So yeah, if anyone's lost me, try Paterdomus or Burgh de Rott, world 83. You'll see me and Smecktacular eventually. He's always there too.

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