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Runescape Website Blue Skin Update, With Pictures

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Neo Avatars


I've made another batch of updates to the Blue Runescape Website Skin, focussing on making the Adventurer's Log readable as well as a range of smaller fixes and additions. The list of latest updates describes the other changes that have been made.


Rather than blabbering on about what's been changed, here's a batch of screenshots of what various parts of the RS website look like in Chrome... :P (there are some minor differences when using Firefox or other browsers)



The homepage Old image



The Dev Blog main page, with the number of visible articles reduced so that the image isn't so huge



The Grand Exchange Database Homepage



The Hiscores rank view



The Runescape Forums Main page, with various sections collapsed



The Runescape Forums category view



Posts by a Forum Mod, regular player and a Jagex Mod (taken on 133-134-899-58872565 page 139)



The Email Registration page - all webpages have a special background



A Knowledge Base article select page



A (shortened) Knowledge Base article showing image borders and tables


Get it now for all this and more! :D


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Recommended Comments

I love the look of the forum's in Sals colors! :wub:


Already downloaded this, and i'm starting to love it!!! Great job!

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Whoa, that is SO much nicer than the usual! :D I'm so getting this, ti will make the RS website much nicer to navigate :wub: .

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Amg hawt. <3

*will be checking to ensure any screenshots you take of the RS website are blue*



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I've found that with things like this, they'll only stay updated if I'm using them myself and problems are getting in the way and irritating me. Something like a black skin wouldn't be updated because I'd still be using the blue one (or if I switched, the blue one would be left unupdated). There's also the problem that it takes time to update and time's something that's fairly limited. Of course, if somebody wants to take all the transparent images and such that have been created for the blue skin, then convert the rest of it to be black rather than blue, feel free. Just don't expect me to do it... and be sure to send me a link to see what's been done! :D

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