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Muffin Moose Magic

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Many moons ago in a small camp on the side of a mountain, a camper named Steve was sitting by his fire. In these mountains, he knew that moose roamed free and wild. He was on a mission from the Moose Lord to find his son. So Steve was not just out to find any moose, he was out to find the Moose Lord’s son. He just happened to have the ability of muffin magic. The muffin magic gave him the ability to poof from thin air any size muffin in any shape or flavor. So after a few evenings of sitting around the fire, Steve moved on to the next camp. While he was hiking he would practice his muffin magic and feed the small rabbits and squirrels from the side of the trail. The squirrels like the nut muffins the best and the rabbits like the carrot muffins. As he continued walking, Steve started to hear big calls and didn’t know what they were. To be honest Steve had never seen a live moose before. He had just seen pictures of them and heard people talk of them. When Steve reached the arrival of his second spot to camp to the night he thought it might be a good place to see a moose since there were wild meadows in the distance. It turns out this meadow was party central for the moose. When Steve was about to go to bed, he heard some big moose partying in the distance. So he snuck up on them during the night. It turns out they like to really party. They were playing “poke the buffalo with the antler” and were illegally consuming goat blood. This party got to be too loud so mother earth came to arrest them. Two moose were arrested and thrown into the valley overnight. Steve was not able to find the Moose Lord’s son since he was a good moose and did not party. In the morning, Steve went on his way so he could sleep the next night without being disturbed. So on his way he went, on his trip to the next camp, he ran into a bear. Now Steve has never seen a bear before so he was quite intrigued by the 450 pound ferocious beast. He sorta just stood there with a dumb founded face and stared at the bear. He then came to the quick conclusion of the fact that this bear could easily kill him. So in fright, Steve ran as fast as he could away from the bear. As he was running, he remembered that he had his muffin magic. So Steve started throwing large, rock-hard, burnt muffins at the bear. Steve thought this would solve his bear problems, but then realized that the bear was just getting mad at him. So Steve started throwing good tasting gigantic muffins at him. He realized that this was working. The bear stopped to eat the muffins and Steve was able to get away. After Steve found his last camp he was relieved that he knew he would see the moose at this place. There was a lovely meadow with the most beautiful sunset that Mrs. Masters thought was the coolest thing ever. So Steve settled down by the camp fire for the night. Just as he was about to go to sleep, a moose walked up and tapped him on the shoulder. He knew that this moose was the one he was looking for since it had a golden halo on top of his antlers. He then mustered up his muffin magic and poofed up a big tasty muffin. The moose ate it up in one big bite! After the first one, he asked for another and another. As Steve started to walk away, the moose took one giant sniff and smelled more muffins. With every sniff of a muffin the moose’s nose got a little bit bigger. Since Steve’s muffins were the best in the land, the moose kept growing bigger to fight off the bears from getting their muffins. Antlers on moose are one of the most helpful adaptive features they have. Their antlers are so they can carry their muffins with them.

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