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Not That You Care, But



I think I would make a great late night talk show host. :) People find Craig Ferguson funny and I'm pretty much him only with a funnier accent.


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Also, maybe he's not funny, but I'd certainly say he's better than every other late night talk show host (Colbert and Stewart obviously not included). The only things I find annoying about him is that he's highly repetitive and he loves America too much. If you look at Leno and the crap that is Letterman, they have maybe one good segment and then the rest is boring. They ask their guests boring questions and you rarely get a laugh out of it. Watching Craig is like watching a guy who just snorted a pound of crack (no I don't know drugs, Gillis) run around. His guests always look excited to be there. Maybe he himself is not funny, but his guests feed off of his energy and it makes for good television.


Also he's a nice guy with a nice story, which I know means jack shizzle to you. :)

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