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domain theory.



those arrows are the domains and when they are aligned the magnet is stronger. think of it like a bus of kids. they're all sitting neatly, 2 per seat, 2 rows of 10 seats. all of the domains are aligned, like the kids. when the bus jumps off the bridge, shakes a lot, flips and falls to the ground, the kids are scrambled, making the domain less magnetic. that being said, if you drop a magnet it becomes less magnetic each time. you shoot current to re-align the domains. domains run from south to north in the magnet, north to south with field lines, like a circle. the diagram above demonstrates shooting current, and how they re-align in the direction of the current.




those are the field lines in a magnetic field. you cannot chemically remove domains from magnets. the only way to do so is break the magnet physically.

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Umm.... that's what she said?




Definitions just totally blew me out of the water.

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